How to reduce the cost of PPC

February 2020

One of the common complaints we hear is Google PPC advertising failing to deliver the expected ROI. There are many reasons for this – poor ad copy, poor audience profiling, poor keyword selection, amongst others.

Assuming all the above is good, a digital marketing team must design campaigns to maximise the benefits of a high Google Quality Score, which results in better placement and lower costs for advertisements. Then they need to regularly optimise campaigns to avoid budget wastage.

What’s the Google Quality Score?

Google, across all its products, seeks to be relevant. If you want to do well in Google, be relevant to the original search. This simple principle applies to search engine optimisation, Google Maps and Google advertising. How Google decides how it will rank your ads boils down to the ad quality score, which in a nutshell, it’s this:

Let’s imagine you’re an accountant in Melbourne using Google PPC (Adwords) to be found online. You’re looking to show your ad to people who search for Melbourne accountants.

Step 1: A user types accountant in Melbourne into Google’s search query field.

Step 2: Google will look for a matching ad for an accountant in Melbourne.

Step 3: Then, Google will follow the link on the ad to see if it goes to a page that talks about an accountant in Melbourne.

As a marketing team, if you make sure your ad copy and landing page are relevant to the search query, you should get a high quality score. The higher your quality score, the better you’ll rank and the cheaper your ads will cost. Avoid linking your ads to the home page of the website. We would usually recommend properly designed landing pages to handle ad campaign traffic.

Additional Resources

If you want to take a deeper dive into Google’s Quality Score, we recommend hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth

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