What Does My Score Mean?

OK, if we’re being honest, things aren’t looking too great at this moment. But now isn’t the time to worry; instead, it’s time for you to take action. Now you have an amazing opportunity to change where you are – and move to where you want to be. So, let’s talk about what you should be doing.

OK, What Do We Need to Do Next?

Luckily, Team Koalas some answers. Read on.

Step 1. Everything starts with buy-in. Everything.
But before you can get buy-in to anymeaningful digital marketing investment, you must be a passionate advocate yourself. Do you wholeheartedly believe that digital marketing can deliver you real and tangible business benefits?If so, start with the numbers. The data doesn’t lie.

How do you convince everyone? Understand how your competitors are using digital marketing, outgunning you online and stealing business from right under your noses. Competitor research objectively and starkly presents a persuasive argument for digital marketing. We know this research works, we’ve done it many times.

Step 2. Form a digital strategy and plan.
Your digital plan is an evolving document that provides a blueprint for your goals and maps out your way of succeeding in your market. Your strategy morphs and changes over time and you might pivot as opportunities emerge. All this is fine.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Remember those that outgun you have invested over time to reach where they are. It’s okay to be running behind, but if there is no forward progress soon, the gap between your business and competitors is just going to get bigger.

Step 3. Choose the top 3 digital tactics to focus on immediately.
Your number 1 priority is always include your website. Potential customers need a place to visit 24 hours, 7 days, to find out more about your business. It needs to look good on mobile phones.

A website is your primary digital real estate and you have complete control over every aspect of it. Nothing – and we really mean nothing – is more important than your website.

The remaining priorities are specific to your business. The main factor that determines priorities 2 and 3 are your short versus longer term goals. For immediate outcomes, say you want immediate leads or sales, you’re almost certainly looking at paid digital campaign activity.

How Can I Get Started Right Now?

Need help with any of the steps outlined above? Talk to Digital Koalas.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. Between us, we’ve had experience that spans most industries. We’ve worked with small start-ups through to Australia’s largest corporations, and everyone in-between.
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