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The statistics are mind-boggling. According to a survey by Rakuten Marketing, on average marketers estimate 26% of their digital marketing spend is squandered. Extrapolate this number globally, it’s a staggering $80 billion that will go to waste.*

Wasted digital marketing budgets hurt everybody. Worse, in many cases, the wastage can be prevented almost entirely – or (at least) dramatically reduced.

No doubt, in your role as a trusted business advisor, you have many clients that turn to digital marketing to generate new leads and make sales. We wrote our eBook “How to Stop Clients Wasting Digital Budgets” so that finance professionals like you better understand how digital marketing works, understand what’s important to focus on, and know what needs to be done to maximise ROI.

Everyone’s heard horror stories of large investments made in digital marketing that have failed to return a satisfactory ROI. It doesn’t have to be this way. Together, we think we can help ensure your clients aren’t amongst the businesses negatively impacted.

Who should READ
this eBook?

If you’re a finance professional advising businesses about their budgets, then you should read our book. We offer practical advice and tips that we think will help you demystify the digital marketing world.

Who are we? Digital Koalas is an Australian-based digital marketing team of senior marketing strategists and auditors. Our audit services help businesses to check their digital marketing campaign performance for compliance with best practice. Clients can use our insights to fine-tune their digital strategy, avoid budget waste and improve ROI.

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