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What Does My Score Mean?

First, give yourself a hearty pat on the back — you’re doing good! We love seeing businesses like yours investing in digital marketing. But now isn’t the time to rest on our laurels. There is still work to be done for you to reach 100%.

OK, What Do We Need to Do Next?

Here is what you need to do to keep the momentum going:

Step 1. Undertake a digital marketing audit.
We don’t need to convince you that digital marketing is important to grow your brands and businesses, hey, you already know it. But we’ve seen so many businesses invest in digital marketing only to find out that with some tweaks here and there, the results could be even higher.

So, for step 1, we recommend you undertake a digital marketing performance audit that focuses on how well you are doing.

Step 2. Undertake a competitive analysis.
Part of knowing where you can improve is to understand how your competitors are using digital marketing, outgunning you online and stealing business from right under your noses. Competitor research objectively and starkly presents a persuasive argument for management to invest more and for marketing teams to be more experimental. There is nothing like competitive intelligence to persuade your boss. Trust us, we’ve done it many times before.

Step 3. Test additional strategies.
Even though we’ve got more than a few marks in the win column, we still need to up our game a bit. By testing new digital strategies, strategies our competitors use, or even redoing previously used strategies in a different way, you might find that this gives potential customers a fresh reason to look at your business once again.

How Can I Get Started Right Now?

Need help with any of the steps outlined above? Talk to Digital Koalas.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. Between us, we’ve had experience that spans most industries. We’ve worked with small start-ups through to Australia’s largest corporations, and everyone in-between.
Looking for digital marketing help? Come chew the gum leaves with us! 🐨

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